Fire Insurance

One of the risks of owning property, especially for industrial use, is the possibility of a fire breaking out. Can you imagine the loss if a fire breaks out in your home or office? 
That's why fire insurance is so important for you if you own a property.

​Wh​y Buy 

Fire Insurance?


Why Buy Fire Insurance?  

Minimises your loss in case of a fire

​Makes provisions for temporary accomodation in case of a fire depending on which policy you choose

​Cover multiple properties in one plan depending on which policy you choose

Fire Insurance Distribution


Fire Insurance Distribution

 Reliance General Insurance

L&T General Insurance

Please visit nearest branch of Reliance Composite Insurance Broking Limited (RCIB) or request a call from RCIB. An executive from RCIB will help you find a suitable Life Insurance scheme and calculate the premium you will be required to pay to have this sum assured.

​Points to Remember


Important factors to consider while buying Fire Insurance:

Extent of Coverage: Determine whether you want only the property and fittings to be covered or also specific items like machinery, goods, etc.
The Reinstatement Clause: Ensure that your fire insurance policy has a reinstatement clause. You do not have to pay a higher premium for this clause. If your fire insurance policy includes the reinstatement clause, it means that your insurer gives you new replacement value for any item you may have lost.

Number of Properties: Since you can buy one policy for multiple properties, you should identify the number of properties to be covered under the insurance policy.

​Ways to Buy


Ways to Buy Fire Insurance

Broadly, fire insurance plans differ in the items that they cover. These items can be classified into the following:


Physical structure of the property.

Plant, machinery, equipment and accessories.

Goods and raw materials.

Furniture, fixtures, fittings, cables, etc.

So you can choose to buy a policy that covers all or some of these items depending on your needs.

To get a fire insurance policy that suits your needs, get in touch with us today!



Mr. Naqvi's Fire Insurance Policy

Mr. Naqvi ran a roller-skate manufacturing factory in an industrial estate. As an intelligent businessman, he had bought a comprehensive fire insurance policy that covered not only the physical structure of his property from damage, but also all the machinery, fittings and materials.

When a fire struck his office due to a short-circuit in the electrical supply during the monsoons, the entire factory was charred with machines being irreparable and goods worth lakhs lost.
While Mr. Naqvi experienced tremendous challenges, he was able to get his factory up and running sooner than he expected because his fire insurance policy had covered a large part of his losses.
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