Why Invest using PMS?

  • Access to a diverse range of products that would not be available in other products like mutual funds.
  • Opportunity to invest in a customised bouquet of products to match your investment goals.
  • Greater flexibility that gives you the option of buying financial instruments depending on the opportunities present.
  • Regular reports and updates to give you a single and unified view of your investments and their status.

Ways to invest in PMS

There are two ways in which you can invest through PMS:
  • Discretionary: In this type of PMS, you give your portfolio manager the authority to make investment decisions on your behalf.
  • Non-Discretionary: In this type of PMS, the portfolio manager only offers investment advice while you, as the investor, decide if you want to act on that advice. However, it is the portfolio manager who acts on your decision.

PMS that we distribute

We can assist you in availing Portfolio Management Services from any one of the following PMS providers:
  • Discretionary: Reliance PMS
  • Non-Discretionary:TATA PMS
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 Factors you should evaluate 
before making your investments


  • Costs: Understand the costs involved when investing through PMS. There may be an entry load, management fees and profit sharing agreements depending on which PMS you select.

  • Minimum Investment: PMS schemes usually have a minimum amount that you need to invest to utilise their services. Determine the minimum investment amount before investing through PMS.

  • Track Record: It is best to go with proven PMS schemes that have a track record of delivering good performance. It is likely that such schemes will be managed by knowledgeable experts who will act in your best interests.