Two Wheeler Insurance

Buy/Renew your Two Wheeler Insurance policy online and protect your bike/scooter from accident, theft and natural calamities etc. Get instant policy issuance and quick service for any policy related queries with 24/7 emergency helpline. A good 2 wheeler  Insurance policy also ensures you speedy and hassle free claims settlement process.

Why buy Bike/Scooter Insurance?


Few reasons to why you should buy a Two Wheeler insurance policy 

Instant Policy issuance online

No Documentation required

Protects your two wheeler against theft, accidents, natural calamities etc

Optional personal accident insurance cover and Third Party Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance Distribution


Two Wheeler Insurance Distribution

Reliance General Insurance

L&T General Insurance


Please visit nearest branch of Reliance Composite Insurance Broking Limited (RCIB) or request a call from RCIB. An executive from RCIB will help you find a suitable Life Insurance scheme and calculate the premium you will be required to pay to have this sum assured.

Manage Claims​


Worried about your Two Wheeler insurance claims?

Follow these simple guidelines and ensure faster and hassle free claims:

Soon after claim occurs, call toll free

Alternatively, you can also download the claim form online

Report immediately to the nearest police station after a third party property damage, theft, etc.

Find the nearest network garage to avail the benefits of cashless claims.

Ways to Buy

Ways to Buy Two Wheeler Insurance
There are two main types of two wheeler insurance that are available in the market today:
1. Third Party Insurance: This policy covers you against losses that may arise when another person is injured/killed in an accident involving your vehicle or against damage to another's property. It doesn't cover you, co-passengers travelling with you or your vehicle from any resulting losses.
2. Comprehensive Insurance: This insurance policy not only covers third party losses, but also losses to you, co-passengers travelling with you and your vehicle. Usually, this is the type of motor insurance that vehicle owners opt for.
To evaluate if you have the best two wheeler insurance deal in the market, get in touch with us today!


Mr. Menon's Two Wheeler Insurance Policy
Mr. Menon was driving his bike on his way back from a dinner party at his friend's place one evening when he met with an accident.
Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but Mr. Menon's Bike had been badly damaged as a result of the other bike's recklessness. When his bike was taken to the workshop for repairs, Mr. Menon was faced with a huge bill.
However, since Mr. Menon had bought a comprehensive insurance policy recently, He placed an insurance claim with his insurance provider. As a result, he was spared a majority of the expensive repair costs and was able to enjoy driving his bike soon!
If Mr. Menon had opted for a third party insurance policy, He would have had to bear all the expenses for the repairs to his bike..
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